850 Roaring Fork


1947 more 40s


Egbert Jacobson



The following is an excerpt from Aspen Magazine, Holiday Season, 2011 by Joanie Crete:

“In 1955, Mr. Paepcke suggested my grandfather come to Aspen to see what it was all about.  Five years later, Grandpapa bought that house we now live in, a 1947 Bauhaus-inspired house designed by Egbert Jacobson, the design director at Paepcke’s Container Corporation of America.

Looking back, I marvel at my grandparents’ extraordinary vision.  After all, it was 1960 and the house was cubic and forlorn with a telephone pole out front.  How extraordinary, too, that they filled the house with Bauhaus and Scandinavian Modern furniture; that they asked Herbert Bayer to design the master suite; that they left, or painted, the living room wall blue.”