Francis Rew Stanton (1910-1995)

  • photo source
  • Family portrait on Galena Street, c. 1950
    photo courtesy Aspen Historical Society
  • Christ Episcopal Church, built 1963
    photo source


Yale ‘35, Ecole des Beaux Arts Americaine ’31,’34

In November 1950, Walter Paeckpe’s Aspen Company sold a historic West End house to Chicago brothers Edgar and Francis Stanton and their wives, Rose and Louise, all four of  whom would contribute significantly to Aspen’s economic and cultural life.  Later, Edgar sold his half interest to his brother and in 1954 moved to a modern house designed by Francis on Red Mountain (0223 Placer Lane). Architect Stanton also designed Christ Episcopal Church in the West End in 1963.  Both of his Aspen structures had distinctive parabolic arched shapes. From 1948-1964, he was a partner in Stanton and Rockwell of Chicago and then practiced independently until his retirement in 1989. He had a Yale BFA in Architecture and spent two summers at the Ecole des Beaux Arts Americaine at Fontainebleau, France.  From 1948-1954, he served with Eero Saarinen, Joseph Albers, George Nelson and other on the Yale University Subcommittee on Architecture, Painting, and Sculpture to update the three departments’ curriculum.